Linda McAlister Talent

Del Corral Talent Agency

 Kevin Crank


   Hillary's America                                               Supporting         Dinesh D'Souza / Bruce Schooley

   LBJ                                                                       Supporting         Rob Reiner

   Strait & Narrow – Feature Film                       Supporting         Chris Compton

   Suicidal – NBC Short Cuts Film Festival         Lead                    Jerome Sheffield

   UTA Student Film                                              Lead                    Megan Stokes

   SMU Student Film                                             Lead                    Patrick Clinton

   Trial By Self                                                        Supporting         Brandon Powell


   Reagan: From Movie Star to President        Lead                      Brad Osborne

   Scandal Made Me Famous-Amy Fisher        Supporting          Katie Dunn

   NASCAR: The Rise of American Speed          Co-Starring         Richard Lopez

   The First Kill –Discovery Channel                   Supporting         Katie Dunn


   Hope International Adoption Agency Fund Raiser 2006         Master of Ceremonies

   Hope International Adoption Agency Fund Raiser 2005         Master of Ceremonies

   Live Industrial Car Dealership                       Manager               Reach Local


   Bluefish TV                                                       Principal               Chad Madden

   PSA: These Are My Babies!                            Lead                      Melody Brooke

   Texas Lottery                                                   Principal               Gavin Bowden

   Texas Lottery Holiday                                    Principal                Dimitri Karakatsanis

   Arlington Fire Department PSA                    Principal                Juan Renteria

   Sick Day/Insanity Industrial – Non-Union   Principal               Christopher Bigbie / Now Video

   CenturyLink Bank                                           Principal                DirectorZ

   Splash Media Church Video                         Principal                Steve Miller

   KDFW FOX 4 News Promo                            Principal                Robert Ayson


   On-Camera Acting Class - Ongoing                                            Michele Condrey

   Casting Intensive Audition Workshop                                        Alpha Tyler

   Advanced Film Study Workshop                                                 Del Shores

   Auditioning Skills Workshop                                                       Jo Edna Boldin 

   Improvisation Workshop                                                            Toni Brock/Sally Allen


  Baseball    Football    Hunting    Fishing    Firearms Expert   Civil War Reenactment   Horseback Riding 

  Creative Writing    Spanish Speaker    Snow Skiing    Kids Soccer Coach    Father    Husband  

  Middle School Teacher    Can Drive Stick Shift    Have Current Passport    Southern Drawl

  Southern Good Old Boy    Russian Accent    Indian Accent    Teleprompter    Taekwondo – Brown Belt